Our innovative and specialised facilities enhance
our holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Frederick Hugh House was built with the sole purpose of catering for children with learning difficulties and disabilities. The state of the art facilities uphold our therapeutic and holistic approach.

Our 15,000 square feet school is spread over three floors with the main Assembly Hall at its centre. The cleverly disguised storage area allows the Hall to convert into a Gymnasium, Theatre, Cinema, Dance Studio or daily sensory/physical circuit. Around the Hall are the Classrooms, all of which have glass walls out to the main open plan area. This allows for pupils and staff to feel that they are a part of the school. Teachers also have the option to ‘smoke-screen’ their classroom walls if they wish to reduce distractions.

Our children benefit from an ‘indoor/outdoor’ play area with a glass roof which allows pupils to play outside regardless of the weather. It also has a ‘sponge’ floor, as does the smaller outdoor area on the ground floor. On the first floor we have a food technology, dining and art room, science laboratory, library and music rooms which bring our curriculum to life. Each of our therapists have their own rooms which are positioned right in the heart of the school.

Our multi-sensory theatre which we call our ‘Journey Room’ is a particularly special part of the school. We call it the ‘Journey Room’ as the technology it uses allows us to transport our children anywhere, from The Amazon to outer space. The only limit is our own imagination!

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