Your child’s happiness is the very root
of our ethos and the heart of our school.

Frederick Hugh House transcends a traditional special school. It is an extended family where everyone in the school community knows and cares for each other, not only day by day but also hour by hour.

To maximize the happiness of every child, we seek ways to create a stimulating environment that is both compelling and exciting for pupils’ participation, learning and playing. We foster a socially interactive environment where pupils have the opportunity to express themselves; a caring environment where pupils feel that school life is an extension of home life; and a happy, safe and supportive environment that aims to give every child confidence and a true sense of worth. Our exceptionally high ratio of staff to children ensures that every child is given the support, attention and care which all children need and require to thrive.

We are a school governed and guided by our pupils’ needs. Therefore, at Frederick Hugh House we strive constantly as a collaborative team to achieve our goals which are focused on our pupils’ needs and well-being. Our team of teachers and in-house speech and language, occupational and physiotherapists determine and provide as many one-to-one, small group and whole class therapy sessions as appropriate for each child. We consistently deliver ‘follow through’ of all therapies – this integration throughout the school day has a huge impact, we see the results.

The Proprietor, Amanda Barclay, and Chair of Trustees, Anne Marie Carrie, can be contacted through the school at:


48 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 5BY.

Telephone; 020 7349 8833.

We work in partnership with parents, encouraging their involvement and offering support as their children grow and prosper. Together we do make a difference. Our children with their special needs deserve nothing less.